All users are given the option to deactivate their account at any given time.
DeviantART Deactivated Account

DeviantART Deactivated Account screenshot, with a crying Fella.

The deactivated account's name appears as crossed out, similar to when a Deviant has been banned (it is unknown when the crossed out name will completely disappear). Originally, deviantART users had to send a request to Staff to have their accounts Deactivated and in the process, the Staff would ban the original accounts rather than use a Deactivation feature. To this day, many Deviants who originally wanted their account to be Deactivated have the "banned" symbol over their page, but deviantART may or may not have intended threat reports on their website available.

Deviantart new deactivated page

A new deactivated page in DeviantArt, with confused Fella with folders.

In a new update, DeviantArt's deactivated account image was changed into a confused Fella with folders, same goes for the Not Found error.

When the account is deactivated, you are given the chance to reactivate it two days after deactivation, but this lasts only for a month. When this limit is exceeded, the account will be permanently deleted from DeviantArt and all content associated with the account will be erased completely.

After your account has been deactivated, you can still log into your account and access your Notes and settings. You cannot, however, send any Notes or submit any new Deviations.

Deactivated Account DeviantArt Eclipse

Deactivated Account page on DeviantArt Eclipse


Comments are unavailable when the account is closed or suspended

Please note just like being blocked when the deviant's account is closed you cannot comment on their artwork nor reply to other deviant's comments on that artwork but you can still view that artwork and add it to favorites as long as you're not blocked by the deviant or you block the deviant.
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