The Manual of Style serves as a guide to editing the wiki.


Titles should follow typical English title conventions, for example, titles ought to have every word capitalized unless it is one of the prepositions such as "and," "of" and et cetera. Within the content space of an article, titles should be italicized (through the use of '' wiki markup added to the ends of the title in question, like, deviantART).

"The" should typically be avoided in any title. Additionally, titles ought to be written in the singular form rather than the plural.


Headings should use standard English "sentence" case instead of title case; that is, non-pronouns should not be capitalized unless they are the first word in the header.

Similar to an indentation in traditional English literature, headings serve as the dividers of an article. However, it should not be used exclusively as the beginning and ending points of a paragraph. Under most circumstances, one space between sections would suffice. Headings should be reserved for removing the marks of distinctly different sections, and each heading should be placed in order of prominence, meaning, heading 2 (a set of == at either end of the title of the section) should come before a related heading 3 (===), and so on.

First-person tense

Avoid using impersonal and first-person tenses within the content-space of an article. Avoid the usage of "I," "you," and "me"; instead, use "users" or alternative words.


Avoid including multiple links for the same articles on the same page. Linking to one page several times is known as "overlinkage," and it can create walls of link-text, in addition to simply looking gaudy. For example, if "Fella" was already linked in a page, please refrain from linking it again to the same page later in the article.

Image content and licensing

Images should be properly licensed and sourced. Users should make every effort to license images which are not licensed, as the usage of copyrighted images on Wikia without permission or proper references can lead to Wikia being sued and potentially, the wiki being completely shut down. Be aware that the chances of this occurring are very slim, but it does happen.

Additionally, images uploaded should be uploaded with the intention of being used, either on a person's userpage or in the content-space, provided it is wiki-appropriate: pornography, shock images, et cetera should be reported and deleted post-haste.

Images created by the uploader, who has never registered their content for copyright, should be labeled as public domain.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.