The Rules serve as a guideline toward behavior and tolerence on the wiki.

General rules

  • No underage users - Due to laws and Wikia guidelines, any member under the age of thirteen years will be banned and reported.
  • Be civil - Respect all users at all times.
    • No obscene language - We do not accept profanity of any kind.
    • Do not attack people personally - No insulting anyone on the wiki (even if everyone feels they deserve it). Be kind in your approach; discuss with the user what they have done wrong.
    • Be tolerant - Please remember that this wiki does not discriminate against anyone (over the age of thirteen due to safety laws). All races, genders, nationalities, religions or sexualities are accepted here. If you cannot accept our members for what they are, we shall not accept you for what you are.
  • Talk pages - If you are doubting an edit or the way in which the wiki is presented or run, please see the talk page for help.
  • Sign Talk Page posts - After writing on the talk page, please sign your entry with a ~~~~ to ensure that you have signed it. It will be replaced by your username and timestamp.
  • Edit only your own user page - Your user page is your personal and private space. It is the private space of other users, also. Unless something is seriously violating wiki rules or has been damaged in wiki restoration, do not edit anothers user page.
  • Respect Copyright laws - Copyright is a difficult subject to dictate. You must credit all artwork you use from the site, and all imagery must come from If a user would like their imagery removed, remove it.
  • Fair summaries - When editing larger wiki pages, please give a fair summary as to what you have done.
  • Use the Preview button - Using the preview button will help stop conflicts in the wikis CSS/HTML and will results in less edits needing to be made.

Page rules

  • Deviants - Do not create pages for regular members who are not known on-site or regularly contribute to the community. This is purely because not all articles can be maintained for every member, and copyright problems can ensue. Articles should only be created for members who have significance on DeviantArt. (This includes DA admins, volunteers, seniors and other types of members)
  • Groups - The only rule towards group pages is the group must have over 100 members.

Media rules

  • Do not upload videos/images that aren't useful for the wiki. The wiki is not your art gallery!
  • Do not upload icons, art, IDs and other media that belongs to someone you are creating an article about. Most of that is frequently changed and we can't keep up with the updates, also it is copyrighted most of the time.

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