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April 1st, 2010


Yes, everyone

Llama badge is a popular badge which can be exchanged freely on deviantART. They were introduced as an April Fools joke, but the feature was simply never removed due to its positive response. This is the only badge for which you can buy extras. The badge has bowtie and sunglasses available.

There are many controversies about how pointless the badge is. Users primarily use llama badges to get some exposure. Some users may also try bot to automatically flood llama badges(this is sometimes called "llama spamming").

Llama TypesEdit

Image Name # of Llamas
Llama Llama 1
Llama super Super Llama 10
Llama albino Albino Llama 50
Llama superalbino Super Albino 100
Llama ninja Ninja Llama 500
Llama fancy Fancy Llama 1000
Llama king King Llama 2500
Llama spaaaaaaaaarta Spartan Llama 5000
Llama wizzy Wizard Llama 7500
Llama gold Golden Llama 10000
Llama runaway Runaway Llamas 25000


Image Name Cost in points
Bowtie Bowtie 40
Sunglasses Sunglasses 80

Point TradesEdit

A point-trade feature was introduced after Staff found that many people were willing to pay points in order to receive Llama badges from users. On a Deviant's Llama page, there is a feature that allows you to set a limit for how many points you want to spend and how many points you'll spend per llama (the average being one point per llama). Above this, you can also see current offers from Deviants - you are given the option to accept this trade and thus accepting the money (giving away one Llama badge).

History Edit

On April 1st, 2010, DeviantArt officially introduced the "llama" badge. It was meant to be removed after a while. However, despite being just a joke, people loved the gesture. Through the coming months, the badge's popularity skyrocketed to the point that the admins were prompted to make it a permanent thing.

Llama badges are non-returnable and non-transferrable, which means that once you receive a llama badge from someone, it cannot be removed from your llama activity.

Today people can freely give and receive the badge to/from anyone, with the only limitation being that you can only give or receive the badge only once to/from each person.


  • When a Deviant attempts to reward themselves a badge, they cannot, and are greeted with the message "Has Llamas enough for love".
    • The same happens when they are deactivated and try to give a badge.
  • The description for all the types of llama badges are simply "Llamas are awesome!".
  • 100,000 llamas is the limit of how many llamas anyone can have, if you try to give someone with 100,000 llamas a llama it will say "Has enough Llamas for love"
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