Note.png Notes is an inside messaging system on DeviantART. You can send one message at a time or you can send same message to many people, but all receivers will see others.

Inbox[edit | edit source]

Inbox.pngInbox is a notes folder where all your notes will go until they are deleted.

Unread[edit | edit source]

Almost the same as inbox but here you can see only the notes you have not read yet

Starred[edit | edit source]

In the starred section are stored all notes that you have starred. You can use this to mark important notes.

Sent Notes[edit | edit source]

Sent notes section is a section where your sent notes are stored until they are deleted.

Drafts[edit | edit source]

You can save your notes as a drafts and they will be stored in this section so you can use them later if you want to.

Spam[edit | edit source]

You can mark sender as a spammer and all notes from him later will go in this section and will stay there.

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