Released on

September 21st, 2011



Paranoid is a badge that is no longer available. To be able to obtain this badge you had to to go to the deviantWEAR article "The All New Urban HeadGear" and click on PRE-ORDER NOW. Please note that this was in fact a joke product, and you actually didn't have to pay in order to receive the badge.

Item DescriptionEdit

"...Working with our overseas engineers, we’ve designed and built a technologically-superior piece of headwear which we’re quite proud of. The new DeviantWEAR Urban Headgear unit is built from space-age materials which are clinically proven to block harmful and unwanted signals from affecting your brilliant creative mind.

This specific initial release unit has been shown, in over one dozen clinical trials, to significantly enhance the creative person’s ability to simply be creative without interference from radio signals, television signals, and other unwanted airwaves which could dramatically deteriorate the mind.

At deviantART, we believe in giving you the very best. Each product in our Urban range is lovingly double folded, guaranteeing you a superior standard of devious protection.

Please note: Each unit of Urban Headgear is carefully constructed by hand in the USA and may take 1-2 weeks for assembly and delivery. Urban Headgear not only helps prevent ruthless mind control, but proceeds will also be donated to a charity sponsored through"



Fella Modelling the Paranoid Tinfoil Hat

  • Despite it having a product page, the "product" will always be out of stock to stop people from actually attempting to buy the hats.
  • There is only one "unit" of Tinfoil Hats.
  • You may set the quantity to five, but may not actually buy a single tinfoil hat.
  • If you were to actually buy the product, it would cost $41.1/£27.1 or 3,288 Points