This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post in February 23rd 2012.
Site Update


What's NewEdit

  • Comment Counts Under Thumbnail Images.
  • Gallery Folders Under Thumbnail Images.
  • "Flip Canvas" Tools in deviantART muro.
  • File and Edit Menus in (Beta Testers Only).
  • Stack Descriptions in
  • With its new home right in the top-level Customizations category, the Emoticons category has a brand new structure.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Non-Premium Members can now comment on Critiques.
  • When you preview comments, Notes, or deviation descriptions, links were not underlined, which made it difficult to distinguish from regular text.
  • A few members pointed out that the "Recent Activity" dropdown on profiles was not displaying properly in the newest version of Chrome.
  • Dates were wrong on some affiliation messages in the group message log, which was pointed out by a few members in recent Site Updates.
  • Gifting prints through Wishlists was broken for short period.
  • The Poll widget had layout issues when configuring it.
  • The "give" menu button on profile page was not responding to clicks in the newest versions of Chrome.
  • The highlight feature went awol from the Shoutbox, but now it's back.
  • Over a period of several hours, some deviations' full views were not always loading.
  • Fixed a Fair Exposure bug with the order of results for all-time popular browse results when viewing a single category.


Bug FixesEdit

  • When selecting items with the keyboard, the browser wouldn't scroll to follow the selection.
  • When selecting items with using the keyboard, pressing enter now allows you to open the stack or the item.
  • The page could break when clicking "Back to" quickly before the stack had enough time to load.
  • Improved the behavior of the Files tab in
  • The top menu used to flicker in IE8.
  • An image in the top menu was causing a mixed HTTP/HTTPS warning when the page was loaded in IE.
  • Under some circumstances, cancelling the renaming of a stack would have caused an false error message.
  • The login form was unexpectedly switching background colors throughout the login process.
  • The short URL fields displayed on thumbs for copy and pasting purposes no longer allow you to accidentally type text into them.
  • Fixed some display issues when uploading a stack in Chrome and Safari. WriterEdit

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an IE8 bug that occurred when hovering over the header.
  • Safari and IE weren't stripping out hidden data when copy and pasting from Microsoft Word.
  • When pasting markup, it will no longer wrap every single line in a div tag.
  • Undo didn't work after adding an image.
  • The Pencil menu on draft thumbs will now give an "edit draft" option.
  • There was a brief Firefox bug when editing old documents.

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