Site Update
This is a site updates and bug fixes page that was posted on March 1st 2012.



  • View Note After Sending

Sometimes when you send Notes on deviantART, you want to reread what you just sent or confirm that it was formatted properly. Now, after sending a Note, you'll see a preview of what you just sent.

  • added a Stereoscopy category under Digital Art. Learn more about this new category.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Various modal boxes have been uplifted with new styles.
  • When browsing through deviations using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons, a bug caused the buttons to stop working when Writer deviations were encountered.
  • Paging was broken in the group admin list of blocked users.
  • When uploading to by email, it now properly ignores attachments that are automatically included with some emails.
  • Members were sometimes accidentally getting redirected to the homepage when logging out.
  • The FedEx shipping option was briefly unavailable for deviantWEAR purchases.
  • Some literature deviation thumbs in the deviation picker had text escaping the box.
  • When configuring a group, the pencil menu would lose positioning when when previewing the widget and scrolling down the page.
  • Replying to comments in the Message Center did not have proper rounded corners on the box.
  • The "Don't forget to add a comment!" bubble no longer appears on Flash deviations, as it used to cause a lot of flickering.
  • Installable Journal Skins did not show as installed until the page refreshed.
  • Made the Help Desk contact form categories linkable.
  • The Help Desk form was briefly broken and displayed error if a message was over 500 characters long.
  • Comment counts were missing on Message Center stacks that had only one deviation in them.
  • Stored deviations no longer show a comment count underneath.


Bug FixesEdit

  • Uploading inside stacks wasn't working properly in IE.
  • Uploads in IE8 would often get stuck on the "stashing" image.
  • Browsing through items using keyboard navigation wasn't functional when viewing someone else's stack through their non-public URL.
  • In Safari and Chrome, the click area of the file upload button was too small after the first upload.
  • The styling of the "file" and "edit" menus was slightly broken when holding the mouse button pressed.
  • appeared empty to users who were using "flat" view.
  • Added smoother scrolling when the cursor is above thumbs.
  • Sped up the time it takes to load pages.
  • Very small images now have a clickable and hoverable area equal to the visual padding added to them. WriterEdit

Bug FixesEdit

  • If a deviation by another artist was included in a Writer deviation, editing it would reset the selected category to Journals/Personal.
  • Pressing backspace with an image selected would navigate back in IE.
  • Deleting images in IE8 using backspace (without the image selected) would fail.
  • In IE8 and IE9, small thumbs were inserted as invisible images.
  • In Firefox, it was impossible to select the contents of input fields in the toolbar and sidebar.
  • In Firefox, selected text in the writer was being completely removed when a link was added via the toolbar.

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