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This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post on May 12th 2012.


Redraw graphic title

DeviantART's HTML5 drawing application, deviantART muro, now includes Redraw, allowing you to record your work as you draw. Every brush stroke, every layer, every little movement — all captured by Redraw. Save your work once you're finished and see your art come to life again in high definition playback.

The new deviantART muro also features a new look and a brand new smudge brush. Plus, your work is automatically saved to your, upgrading you from just 3 files slots to 2 GB of files — and 10 GB for Premium Members!

Bug FixesEdit


  • In the last Site Update, many members reported that the "remember password" and Terms of Service agreement checkboxes on the Points and Llama modals were failing to remember the previous setting under some conditions. This has been fixed.
  • The Groups featured gallery folder icon had an incorrect link that did not display folder content.
  • Editing of images on some very old deviations resulted in 404 errors on image files.
  • The friends dropdown list briefly did not display any friends.
  • Members were temporarily unable to submit to the concrete poetry category.
  • Gallery folder thumbnails were not appearing for Beta Testers.
  • Deactivated users briefly were prevented from using some features, if still logged in.
  • On deviation submission page, Gallery Folder menu was disabled after submission category selection.
  • Film program invitations were not getting sent for a period of time.
  • Profiles of banned users could be viewed on mobile version.


  • Various issues with the API documentation and implementation caused issues with folder renaming and updating a published deviation.
  • Some HTML that was allowed on a item's description was not allowed on a published deviation's description.
  • Clicking on thumb didn't work after moving it into a stack.
  • The upload button wasn't always clickable in Chrome.
  • When submitting, the publishing options were not properly selected by default. WriterEdit

  • The journal skin editor's "save" button was displaying incorrectly in Writer.
  • Under some conditions, deviation thumbs lost width and height when saved.
  • The "Edit Draft" option on the pencil menu wasn't loading the title.
  • Using the link toolbar item to link to a journal or literature deviation uploaded with produced a broken image.
  • Dragging files onto the Writer sidebar could double upload them.

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