This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post on May 5th 2012.
Site Update



Formatting in Writer just got easier! Check out the brand new Writer toolbar, which includes new functionality such as headings, lists, and text alignment! Though these formatting styles worked in the previous version of Writer, they could only be used if you manually typed in the HTML or copy and pasted from another application.

Bug FixesEdit


  • There was brief nightly site outage that occurred several nights in a row that was caused by a technical issue.
  • Paging on comment threads pages was briefly broken.
  • Some portions of submission process such as group and folder selection was misbehaving for short period of time.
  • The Groups affiliates widget in the "random" sort mode did not properly support paging.
  • The "Add to Wishlist" behavior on Prints pages was inconsistent.
  • Editing journals from the deviation page was unavailable for some time.
  • Selection or editing of journal skins which resulted in inability to submit journals was briefly broken.


  • Watchers were being notified on all updates regardless of whether "Notify your deviantWATCHers" was selected or not.
  • The ability to submit to your gallery without submitting to a folder (including "Featured") was missing.
  • The "Disable & Members Only" sharing option wasn't selectable.
  • The current state of the license options wouldn't be restored properly when editing.
  • Submitting to a new gallery was always triggering notifications to be sent to deviantWATCHers.
  • Gallery folders were incorrectly displayed as valid options on journals.
  • A writer thumbnail on top of a stack would the stack's name instead of the top-most item's title.
  • New submission wasn't working on oauth app deviations.
  • Legacy journal and news couldn't be edited with the new UI.
  • Writer items including images wouldn't be submittable through the new UI.
  • The license drop-down overflowed in Windows Chrome.
  • Emote codes wouldn't work right when editing a deviation's description inline. WriterEdit

  • Emotes now have a proper "alt" HTML attribute.
  • Searches in the sidebar are now sorted by popularity instead of newest.
  • Writer UI elements have a higher Z-index, so skin CSS can't possibly obscure them.
  • Link tool url field autofocuses.
  • Sidebar thumb spacing adjusted to look cooler.
  • The "preview" icon was updated.
  • On the "Edit" menu, the wording was change from on "insert big thumbs" to "always add full size images" for clarity.
  • When opening a Writer document, the loading is now smoother.


  • After news "Oh, and we have an exciting new feature coming next week! ;)" sentence was posted.

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