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July 15, 2000

Spyed (real name Angelo Sotira) is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of deviantART. He co-founded deviantART August 7th, 2000 at age nineteen along with Scott Jarkoff (°jark) and Matthew Stephens (°matteo).

Personal LifeEdit

Sotira was born in Greece on February 14, 1981. He currently resides in Hollywood, California. He has spent more than half his life building online communities. Four years before co-founding deviantART, he had started a music sharing website called Dimension Music, which he later sold to Michael Ovitz.

Sotira's primary art category is his photography, which he takes great care in producing. His pieces are rare and normally consist of street portraits; many of which are in simple monotone blacks and whites. Photography is simply a past time of Sotira's; he does not release work frequently (due to his work with the site).


  • He was one of the extremely few Deviants to receive a "+" symbol next to his username prior to the change.

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