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About me Edit

Please alter and change my page. I need all the help i can get, its hard to type with pudgy fingers.

I am know as Ultimate-Super-Mario,USM and USM666. I was castrated at birth, and have been lactating for 4months now

I play a lot of video games,but ironically I am not considered hard core to today's standards. Cuz WOGL members pick on me cuz i walk backwards

My goal is to make the most and best contributions on Deviant Wiki then anybody else cuz i have nothing else to do and girls wont touch my pee pee.I have tried to make my own site like this,but I lacked the power intelligence to do so.

Even though I have been reading Wikipedia,I am still new on how to USE it. even though it is quite basic, you have to remember that my brain does not function properly

I have excellent Web Design skills,as well as Graphic Arts and in Writing as well Not because im good...but because i focus. I currently own my own video game clan,named The Under Network I am currently the only member, because everyone else hacks, i hate hackers, everyone hacks, im the best, my daddy touched me when i was little

I love Deviant Art i squirt milk from my titties every time i log on, not for it's ability to bring artists from around the world together and I think that information about those artists shouldnt be more well known.

Since mostly their existence is mostly within Deviant Art mosly and should also exist as well as outside of it. cut they dont leave their computers... just like me USM666...i've never had sex

My favorite pagesEdit

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